get   the   most   of   the   data

Fifteen years of experience in banking, telecommunications, SME and other business segments. Helping clients to gather data, merge them and the get most of it.


  •   experiences with online marketing in TelCo industry, home page personalisations, banners, campaign management, follow-up campaigns, client segmentations, next best offer calculations, affinity to communication channel, sending campaigns to the channels, evaluation of campaigns.
  •   using IBM UNICA campaign, Exponea, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SQL


  •   market pricing analysis, quantitative finance, early warning system, portfolio analysis, scenario analysis, predictive analysis, data processing, leverage finance
  •   using R, subversion, VBA

Data science:

  •   segmentation, clustering, decision trees, fraud detection, time-series clustering, predictive models, data cleaning
  •   using R, subversion, pySpark, Hadoop, Python, Power BI, SQL


  •   scripts for data processing, data migration, API calls, sending emails, creating reports
  •   Python, VBA


  •   fraud detection in health insurance
  •   evaluation of investment strategies

data science


data analysis